Hardwood Floor Refinishing in Wallingford

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At Colite Construction Company LLC we know what a harwood floor in Wallingford looks like after years of being under the same carpet or getting exposed to heavy traffic, spills and pet accidents. Our trained professionals can refinish your hardwood floor to make it shine for a long time. We welcome hardwood floor restoration jobs in all kinds of homes, even historic homes. We usually refinish hardwood floors in three steps: 1) Sanding to reduce rough surfaces, the prep work before staining, 2) Applying the Stain of your choice and 3) Sealing the floor. For your sake and ours, we try to avoid making dust as much as possible and we will help you select stains and coatings that are safe for you to walk on by the end of the day. Customer satisfaction is important to us when we refinish the hardwoods in Wallingford homes.

Refinished hardwoods for quality living
Colite Construction Company brings all the equipment and supplies to every refinishing job
Hardwood refinishing is a slow process but is worth it
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