Roof Replacement and Repair in Wallingford

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If you have any problems with the existing roof of your Wallingford home, Colite Construction Company LLC is the company to call. Whether your roof is sloping or flat, whether it has dormers or gables or not, we do them all. We take pride in being fair and honest with our customers. We replace roofs and repair them. Sometimes all it takes is a little repair instead of a roof replacement. For example, you might have a few shingles torn away by a storm or the flashing around your chimney or sky window might be insufficient. Whatever we need to do for you, we insist on safe work practices and follow all building codes.‚Äč Ask for a free estimate today.

We accept small roof repair jobs at Colite Construction Company
Colite Construction Company is willing to help a home builder with roofing jobs and other work
Your dormers and sky windows won't leak after we get through with them
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